15th October 2016

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We brought to Granada, the first ever GinFesT event in Andalucia.

And what a start it was!

The venue was the majestic the PLAZA DE TOROS! 



We brought SEVEN superb, artisan gins and their producers from England, Scotland, Germany and Holland.



To one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Granada on Saturday the 15th October.
These heroes of the gin world showcased their superb gins to the thirsty public.


And they went down a storm!

 On arrival everyone was given a complimentary ´Ginfest´ glass which was free to take home.


Bottles and Ginfest glass Twtitter

As with all our events, we operated a ´Drinks Tokens´ system. On arrival, guests could buy tokens for €7 for one Premium Gin & Tonic. And what a selection they had to choose from. Never seen in Spain before gins, from some of the best, most innovative distilleries out there.




The Festival ran until 1am and when the lights came on in the Plaza de Toros, everyone was awed and happy to be there. 


The afternoon feel was GINTERCAMBIO.

Meeting new friends. Learning new languages. Tasting new gins!
And it was wonderful to see people from many different countries and cultures mixing and having a great time drinking and talking about gin, whilst enjoying the entertainment on offer. 

Gin table crowd


The night time feel was a FUN, FLAMENCO, GIN FIESTA. 



18:00 – 20:00


Really refreshing music!

We could not think of a better band to have at a Ginfest festival than a band called Los Gin Tonic!

This band is one cool 3 piece who brought a chilled vibe to the late afternoon. They mixed up it too, bringing a blend of latin beats, a bit of fusion jazz, a touch of Spanish flamenco vibes and some modern sounds. Just perfect!

Thanks guys!




 20:00 – 22:00 


We celebrated one of the essential elements that make up the classic city of Granada. 


Granada Flamenco


OK, this was a festival of gin. But it was a festival of gin in real Spain.

And it was a celebration of Spain and Andalucia.

And as the first of our festivals was in the deep, sultry heart of classic Spain, Granada. It was only right to celebrate the classic parts that make the city what it is, beautiful and atmospheric. And a big part of the fabric of the city is its Flamenco heritage and gypsy cultural identity.




22:00 – 00:30 


We finished the night in style, after the gins had been flowing it was time to party! 


It was time for some Rock n Roll!

And we had one of the best rock bands in the province to close out the night.

This band played hit and after hit from the best rock groups that have ever picked up a guitar. Everything from U2, to The Beatles to the Rolling Stones.

The Ginfesters took their gins and danced the rest of the night away.




A great end to a great day!






Like what you see? Want a Ginfest in your town or city? Then get in touch, and if you find us a suitable venue, VIP tickets will be yours!