First ´Gin de Semana´ – Done!

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On the 2nd and 3rd of December we did our first ever event!

Gin de Semana small

And it went down great with everyone involved!

The Spanish for ´weekend´ is Fin de Semana. And so, it didn´t take us long to put the GIN in place of the GIN and we had an idea.
Also, after the first big GinFest event, we had lots of stock left and a few of the producers who came eager to come back as soon as possible to cement the momentum gained with their gins, here in our city, Granada.
So, our idea for Gin de Semana events was a more direct affair, more personable, and intimate. Getting the gins into bars and into the hands of the local gin drinkers. And also lasting the whole weekend. We make sure the bars sell the gin for a discount price and make those gins the ´Special Offer´of the weekend too.
The first TWO Gin companies that attended were – Gentle Gin from Germany and Mor Gin from Ireland.
Hannigans - Mor
This new, more regular format many benefits for the gin producers involved.
  1. We buy 12 to 18 bottles of stock from them for the event. – INSTANT SALES.
  2. We organise the participating bars to put on a promotional night. – ORGANISATION.
  3. We provide all of the promotonal materials and all of the promotion upto the event. – PROMOTION.
  4. We man the stand in the bars and work the night. – STAFF.
  5. The gins are given out in tasters to the public and then they can buy the full Gin & Tonics at the bar. – IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK.
  6. The producers who come simply tell their story and get to know the public. – INTERACTION.
  7. If the bar owners see the gin going down well and their customers engaged, this invariably leads to that bar wanting to stock that gin. – ONGOING SALES, EXPORTS, TRACTION, BRAND EXPOSURE. 


Our flyers and posters help promote the event in advance. We do them in both English and Spanish. 


We work the night, create the atmosphere and give out tasters to the bars´ customers, who then head to the bar and buy the full Gin & Tonic for a discounted price. This gets the gin selling.

Kieran and Gentle gin


Seeing the gins that participated now on the shelves of the bars is the most satidfying sight. It means the concept works. And we will run them every two weeks. As well as our larger GinFest events every 4 weeks.

Mor & Gentle in bars

All in all it was a great weekend. Our team got to know two gin companies very well. Eoin from Mor Gin was a real gent and very inspiring, and Burri and Stan from Gentle Gin were a riot. Great guys. Their gins are now selling in bars here and people love them. That will only grow. Their gins are now officially sold in Spain and thats what we are all about.
The next event is the 16th and 17th of December in Granada again, where we will be promoting several other of our favourite brands. So, if you are a gin producer and want to join in one of our events then get in touch! If you are a gin drinker, keep an eye out for our events, we could be in one of your local bars very soon!


It´s all about the gin baby! 




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